Workshops and Presentations

Workshops and Presentations

Workshops and Presentations

From targeted workshops to large scale presentations, CMCS can tailor and deliver a wide variety of material to every level of coach and/or sporting organisation.

Proactively engaging coaches from around the world and continuously researching best practice sporting models enables us to facilitate interactive workshops and presentations across a wide variety of topics found within today’s coaching environment. Below is a brief overview of some of those topics;

Athlete Welfare and Management

Using a holistic approach to athlete development, CMCS can help you develop the essential skills required for optimal athlete engagement and can help you customise your current practices so as to ensure the specific needs of multi-sport athletes are met. Common topics included in this field are; Athlete Engaged Coaching, Optimising Athlete Relations, Goal Setting, Time Management and Maximising the Daily Training Environment.

Professional Communication Strategies

Great communicators make great coaches. Effective communication is a foundation skill for initiating and building relationships, delivering education, negotiating with key stakeholders and dealing with conflict or disputes. Popular topics included in this field are; Scripts and Dialogues for Face-to-Face Communication, Conflict Prevention (aka Never Argue with a Parent Again), Proactive Parent Engagement (aka Creating Allies not Assassins) and Professional Stakeholder Engagement.

Marketing and Event Management for Sporting Organisations

This exciting field can help any coach take the lead in membership engagement by helping them create innovative, stimulating, challenging and socially interactive events designed to appeal to all spheres of influence around the athlete and more importantly the program in which the coach operates. Common topics included in this field are; Building your Business to Increase your Income, Coach Driven – Volunteer Facilitated Marketing Projects, Maximising the Power of Volunteer Based Organisations, Developing, Presenting and Facilitating Sponsorship Proposals and Professional Sales Skills for the Sports Industry.

Sport Specific Coach Personal Excellence

As well as providing a professional and confidential counselling service to individual coaches, CMCS can also deliver strategies and techniques to organisations wishing to facilitate coach personal excellence programs relative to their specific sport. Popular topics included in this field are; Building Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence, Strengths Based Coaching Practices, Understanding Leadership and High Performance Mentoring.

Sports Management

The Sports and Business Management field has been designed to help any coach develop the essential skills required to successfully lead their own team in the creation of a profitable and sustainable organisation. This field includes topics such as; Budget Management, Strategic Planning, Establishing and Maintaining Business Relations and Club/Organisational Governance.